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I haven't had a massive experience of 'fiddling' with the TS engine yet, but try these ideas for starters....

  • Autodelta (see links page) offer a chip for the 145QV for about £200 + vat, which is pretty cheap. Unfortunately you need to get your car over to them as they program it via the diagnostic port. Or you can send the ECU. It claims to add about 6% more torque + power, so thatís about an extra 9bhp. They also offer turbo conversions, which can increase the power to 225bhp Ė thatís not a bad increase!

  • Squadra Tuning also offer a chip, at a slightly better price of £150(ish) + vat. They send you the EEPROM, which you will need to install yourself - unless your engine is the 155bhp engineÖin which case they need your car (or your ECU, CODE unit & master key) to re-program it, as the Bosch M1.5.5 ECU does not contain the conventional swappable EEPROM.

  • Fitting a free flow air filter (eg K&N, JR) should allow the engine to breathe more freely, claiming to add another ~8bhp again. The really highly recommended air filter is the carbon box by BMC.

  • If you don't want to fit a cone filter and wish to get a free flowing panel filter, remove the box at the front of the bumperÖIt is there for sound deadening. When this is removed, the proper Alfa Romeo 'rip' will come back. See Alfa Sport for pictures & details.

  • Opening out the step in the throttle body - as found on Alfa Sport

  • Fitting a set of Colombo & Bariani camshafts from EB Spares for the 1.8/2.0 TS should give an extra ~20bhp. These will set you back about £395 + vat

  • Changing the exhaust for a performance one should help the gases flow a little better. Also eliminating the second triangular shaped silencer should make a difference - it looks restrictive. Also a catalytic converter bypass pipe should make a difference, as this is 1ft long of solid gauze. Recommended exhausts might be SuperSprint or CSC. EB Spares can supply CSC exhausts, any main stream performance parts place should be able to supply SuperSprint, eg Demon Tweeks, etc

  • If you are at the stage where you are changing your clutch, it would always be a nice idea to get the flywheel lightened. This should make it rev a little more freely. Donít get carried away and lighten it too much - or it won't idle smoothly and it won't like going up hills!

  • AH Motorsports offer throttle bodies & ECU for the TS engine. POA.

  • There is a good FK suspension kit, available from Performance Driven for about £250 delivered.

  • A strut brace by OMP available from Demon Tweeks.

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