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Regarding TS engines - Cambelt changes have been (unofficially) re-scheduled to 36k miles following many premature failures of the tensioner bearing &/or variator

Click on the image to be taken to more technical drawings for the relevant section:
Engine & Ignition (24) Outer & Inner Lighting (5) Heating & Ventilation (6) Cooling (8) Lube (3) Clutch (4) Guards (1) Gearbox (17) Axles & Driveshafts (4)

Incase the above pictures fail to load use this text menu:

Crankcase, cylinder head, crankshaft, flywheel, rods, pistons, camshafts, valves, pulleys & belts
Outer & Inner Lighting
Front & rear lamp units, fogs, interior light
Heating & Ventilation
Heater matrix, air conditioner, air compressor
Cooling System
Radiator, water pump, fan
Lubrication System
Oil pump, dipstick, oil filter
Pedal, master & slave cylinders, clutch plates
Top engine covers
Geabox, diff, shafts, linkage, speedo & drive
Axles, Driveshafts
Driveshafts, CV joints, hubs, bearings

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