Changing The Sump On a TS Engine


If you are unfortunate enough to damage your sump and loose all your oil, here are some notes to help you change it:


You need a set of ribe tools. These are like Torx but with square teeth, almost like a square-toothed cog.

You can use Allen (or hex) keys to undo the bolts, the flats fit perfectly well, but you still risk rounding the bolts out as they are not the correct tool.


The bolts round the front of the engine are easily accessible, as are nearly all the ones at the back.

There is one tricky one at the back - there is a hole cut out at the back of the sump. Here you need the ribe tool which fits onto a socket extender bar to get the length.


The bolts at the pulley side of the engine aren't too bad, just a bit fiddly. It is possible to remove them without having to remove the crank pulley.


The really tricky ones are the ones on the side facing the bellhousing. There is a very small gap to get to them. I found here a long hex bar was best, as this was tight in the gap!


You also need to remove a driveshaft bearing mount - 1 long bolt & nut. This is at the back of the sump, just above the ledge.


You also need to remove the lower engine mount - jack up the gearbox whilst doing this!


You will also need to remove the exhaust - the downpipe is held on with 2 bolts & 2 nuts, then split the downpipe at the first join to get it out the way!


Once all the bolts are out (I think there are 10 in total), the sump will be stuck on fairly well with the sealant. There are tabs at the front to help level the sump off the block. It is best to apply constant pressure, it will come away eventually.


Once the sump is free, you will be fighting with the oil pump pickup - it is best to remove this from the block - it is only 2 bolts.


The sump complete with pickup should come free now.


Clean the block using a good flat blade to remove all dirt/old sealant. It is fairly easy to clean.


Apply the sealant paste to both the new sump and the block. Hold the sump towards the block and then refit the oil pump pickup. Then refit the sump with all bolts and wipe away any excess sealant.


I left mine 24hrs to cure, as there were no instructions on the sealant tube.