Running Power Cables To The Boot



Specifically aimed at powering an audio amplifier, but can be used for anything. These are just instructions on how I routed the power cables to the boot of the car:


I took the main feed straight from the battery terminal. The power cable was already attached to an eye (basically a washer) so could be screwed on immediately.


To get through the bulkhead I went through a grommet at the top of the engine bay. The other side of the grommet resides under the windscreen wiper motor cover. You need to remove this. From here I fed it through another grommet through the actual bulkhead.

It comes out above and behind the glove box. I think it was a double skin bulkhead and used some stiff mains wire attached to the power cable to find its way through.

Once through I removed the left hand side of the dashboard (the panel to the left of the airbag) and fed the wire through this gap. I then removed the sill kick plate and the vertical corner piece covering the carpet up to the dash. There is enough space to run a power cable, 2 RCA leads and a remote wire all under one side.

At the back of the sill kick plate I then fed it under the carpet towards the back seat. I then tucked them up inside the main plastic cover (where the rear speaker is mounted) to pass them into the boot, under the boot carpet and up through one of the cutouts in the carpet.


As for the RCA leads and the remote lead they take the same path as the main power cable, joining at the left hand dash panel, as these come from the radio.