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The Car's History
05/01/2003 : 19569 : 2 x Good Year Eagle F1 GSD2 tyres. Cost : £110

24/05/2003 : 24532 : Have just had the 24k service done at L&M, High Wycombe. Thanks for good, fast & friendly service guys. Keep up the good work! Cost : £78

01/06/2003 : 24627 : Smashed a hole in the sump hitting an object in the road. Req'd new sump, oil. Total parts cost : £190

12/07/2003 : 31485 : 4 x Good Year Eagle F1 GSD3 tyres from Top Gear, St. Albans. Cost : £188

16/07/2003 : 31976 : New Ferodo DS2000 front brake pads, from PowerAlfa. Cost : £82

16/11/2003 : 36258 : New cambelt, variator, tensioner & idler pulley, balance belt, balance tensioner, (All previous items EB Spares, Wiltshire £246.75), rocker cover gasket (Perrys, Amersham £18.29), oil change - Selenia 20k (Perrys, Amersham £41.57), new cam angle sensor (Perrys, Amersham £87). Total Cost : £393

18/02/2004 : 39588 : New front lower arms from EB Spares £98, tracking re-aligned. Total Cost : £123

27/04/2004 : 41468 : Passed MOT (Coles & Blackwell, Naphill). Advisaries: brake pads/discs low all round, rear bushes just starting to wear, front suspension is badly aligned - looks like strut(s) is/are bent! Eek!! Total Cost : £40

27/06/2004 : 42362 : Fitted FK Suspsension kit (uprated shocks & springs) from Performance Driven. Cost: £250

Total : £1454

01/07/2004 : ????? : The 145 has now been retired following a new job offering a company car. Not all bad - the company car is an Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, and the plans for the 145 are : supercharger from a Mini Cooper S, and a bigger brake conversion.

My Opinions - Good Points
Unique, gorgeous styling
Lovely interior, very firm seats, with big bolsters which REALLY hold you in
Handling – firm ride, but a small compromise for sharp handling
A fairly decent radio as standard
The ‘Alfa Romeo rip’ when you suddenly feel the urge to hit full throttle, the sound is great, enhanced even more by the variable inlet manifold
A very characterful engine - with variable valve timing

My Opinions - Bad Points
Fuel consumption – I am averaging 28mpg – and that’s when I go careful with it (well, it is an Alfa Romeo)
The airbag light has decided to illuminate. A problem which has occurred twice now, caused by dodgy wiring
The speaker grills – you will NOT remove these without breaking them
Ride height…the front valence catches on any sloped drive, but worse than that the sump is low. I smashed mine by hitting an object in the road

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