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I am 23 years old and work as an IT Technical Consultant in Tring, Hertfordshire. I specialise in networking - planning, implementation & troubleshooting, Windows server builds, and VPN's & security, whilst also excelling in any technical matters. I am also available for short-term contracts regarding any of the previous subjects. I enjoy playing with computers, listening to music, going out, and of course, Italian cars, eating out, staying in, comedy, music, friends, pool, snooker, films, drinking, driving Italian cars, mechanics, engineering, computing, playing computer games.

I have also just finished rally preparing a mk1 Escort with my best mate. A picture of me test driving it around RAF Bentwaters can be found here. That is great fun, producing 220bhp at the flywheel! We are hoping to enter an event in it next year, when the weather brightens up.

The Escort has been sold, and a Westfield has taken its place.

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