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Welcome to the 145/146 Technical Resource Centre. This site contains as much information as I have been able to collect or figure out when working on my car regarding the Alfa Romeo 145/146, and hope it helps you to repair or maintain or your car or learn about this particularly fine model from Alfa Romeo.

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30/08/2005: CODE Immobiliser - CODE light now staying on when the ignition turns on. ECU Reports no CODE link or signal received. So the 2 units aren't even talking to each other. The single serial wire betweem them is good, the CODE ecu has good positive voltage & ground on the necessary pins, looks like at this point in time the CODE unit is not emitting a signal to the engine management ECU. Possible cause - completely dead battery?
27/08/2005: Rollcage - Rollcage is now half welded in, other half will be welded shortly.
24/08/2005: OBD - V1.03 of Alfa TS Diag Tester released.
24/08/2005: OBD - V1.13.1 of Alfa TS Diag released.
23/08/2005: CODE Immobiliser - I am now looking at how to bypass/reset the immobiliser ECU in order to run a different ECU in my car. If anyone has any info on how the CODE ECU works please let me know.
29/04/2005: Website - Google Ads, sorry but I have had to start a bit of advertising to help pay for the hosting costs.
14/04/2005: Brakes - I've got the hubs and bracket back for the new caliper, see the photos page.
30/03/2005: OBD - Released first version of M1.5.5 ECU software.
12/02/2005: Rollcage - OMP roll cage arrived - dash needs to be removed to fit it though :/
19/11/2004: OBD - Released statement about availability. Updated OBD page.
05/11/2004: OBD - Have been redoing the OBD software, please check the OBD page for more screenshots.
03/11/2004: Pipes - Finally my silicone pipes arrived (70mm ID x 45 degree bend), this will do for the intercooler to throttle body run. News on the supercharger outlet flange is that it is almost ready
23/10/2004: Brakes - Picked up a set of Seat brembos & pads, now to get a bracket made.....
11/09/2004: Brakes - All this weekend, brakes - removed the 145 hub, fitted a grooved 308x25mm disc from a Fiat Coupe - the offset was correct - but no way would the 3.0 GTV 4 pot brembo's fit - they are lug mount, and foul with the lugs on the hub for the caliper mount - need to seek some 4 pot Brembo's from a Seat as they are radial if anyone knows of any going....
30/08/2004: Long Needed Site overhaul. Well, it's different, a little better
01/07/2004: 145 Now Retired! Picked up the company car today, a beautiful 147GTA - the 145 is now resting, while operations start on it!
27/06/2004: Fitted FK Suspension - Fronts easy enough to change, normal MacPherson strut - rears were trailing arms, managed to loose the bolt & the socket down the box section! Makes a BIG difference - no body roll, and handling like a go kart - needed to roll the rear arches to fit the wheels under.
08/04/2004: Reset the airbag light!!! After much research I have now been able to 'talk' to the TRW MY99 airbag ECU. I could not tell which error code was flagged up (yet) but the clearTroubleCodes function worked - and the light is now off :D No more paying for 1hr labour at the Alfa Romeo main dealer for a 30 second job! I've redone all the wiring to the bags, so now I wont be suffering from the 'don't move the seat when the ignition is on' problem/feature/bug.
08/04/2004: ECU comms really progressing. Started from scratch with the M1.5.5/KWP2000 program. Redid the timing routine to get more accurate message timing (5ms interbyte delay). Screenie_1. The first address in the RAM Data Table section is the real time rpm. Since that pic I have also figured vehicle speed & airflow. Also incoporated read & clear DTC codes function - and seemed accurate from the range of sensors I disconnected. Unfortunately this should not work (=untested) on the M2.10.2 and M2.10.3 ECU's.
16/12/2003: Supercharger work started! Obtained an Eaton M45 supercharger from a Mini Cooper S - this will go on the 145, somehow. Hopefully one day in the next few years it might actually power it!! See thread on the forum here
20/11/2003: Alfa Romeo 145/6 Forum Launched! In collaboration with we have created a forum for 145/6 drivers, to be found at Please register and don't be afraid to post, someone needs to be the first! ;)
15/11/2003: ECU Communication Established! Using my laptop, a modified version of jeff's interface (found on downloads page) and my own VB program, I can now talk to the ECU. I will be setting up a page dedicated to just this, but for now here is a screenie of what I was able to achieve: pic1.jpg. Whilst this may not mean much to most of you, it is simply reporting back the ECU no, the software version & programming date. Since this I have now got my head round the KWP 2000 protocol (Key Word Protocol) language, and have now been able to read the DTC codes (diagnosed MAF when unplugged to cause code & camshaft angle sensor).
15/09/2003: Available Now : De-cat pipe for Alfa Romeo 145 (maybe check). 3 Bolt flange (downpipe) to push fit (1st silencer). Total length: 410mm. See the measurements here. I am selling this for £50 inc p&p.

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