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24/09/2005: SBS2000/20003 - Problems encountered using ADMT to migrate computer accounts during an SBS2000 -> SBS2003 migration - some computers developed a random RCP failure - firewalls were turned off, server could browse to them no problem, though the computer account was created in the new domain. The fix was to delete the account and try again - then it would succeed. Some computers needed to be attemtped again to get it to work. Flakey, and then some.

09/09/2005: Windows Vista - Been playing with Windows Vista (beta) - loaded up IE 7 to see if the tabbed browsing could match Mozilla's, no chance - Dr Watson error on the 3rd (simple text + graphics) page it visited. Start as you mean to go on...

08/09/2005: Windows SBS 2003 - Good to see that a standard install a) turns off web publishing, and b) includes a robots.txt file that disallows spidering of the entire site. Good idea, just a shame Microsoft still left the default admin scripts there.

08/09/2005: It Starts - A few years late, but a blog of computing stuff that has annoyed/impressed me or caught my attention some how....

OK, so I'm a bit of a geek, here are some computing links which have some interest:

ISECOM : OSSTM Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual

Cain & Abel : Very good security tool for password sniffing network traffic, dictionary lookups & brute forcing

-Distributed Computing
Earn money whilst you are online by donating some of your spare computing cycles.....

Gomez/Porivo Peer : Please enter 'alfa145uk' as referrer. It's not great, but if you've got access to some spare machines that are online a lot it could pay out. CPU & bandwidth usage is minimal.

-Utils of interest
Sysinternals : Good range of networking/other system utils

Snapfiles : Freeware/Shareware utils, well catalogued by category type

It's only going to grow and become ever more popular with bandwidth becoming increasingly still a concern though

Nildram (ISP) VoIP trial : Service provider, 0870 non-geographic number, voicemail - personally recommended & used by myself

X-Lite : Free SIP client by Xtend Connect (Windows)

SJLabs : Free SIP client by SJLabs for Windows, Linux, MAC OS X & PPC

-Make Money On The Internet With Your Computer

 -Autosurf Programs
Studio Traffic : Earn 1% per day for surfing, free $10 sign up credit

WarpSurf : Earn credits for auto-surfing, then convert credits to cash

ClickEvolution : Earn credits for auto-surfing, then convert credits to cash

 -Paid To Click/Read Emails / Click
BGPayMail : Earn 2-10 Cents per email

So Red The Rose : Paid to click emails & adverts

NoBannerZone : Very good pay to click advertising program

Storm Of Cash : Very good pay to click, pay to read program

DonkeyMails : Very good pay to click, pay to read program

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