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Hi, excellent site ! , my 97 Alfa Romeo has done me proud now since new, ive just had a brand new radiator fitted, 68 for Rad 38 fitting, ive been trying to get a Manual on it, and i see youve got on on CD, please let me know how much you want for it, as im planning on keeping my Coverleaf for at least 3 more years. I take mine the a Garage near York, Alwyn Kershaws theyve fitted the chip and K&N induction kit, loverly induction roar, the best 16v engine noise fullstop. i average 32 miles gallon, better then standard chip.

Keep up the good work,

Regards Paul Wray

Hi mate,

just looking thru the web to see if I made a complete cock up buying a 145 cloverleaf.Its the 1.8 ,I have the car 3 weeks and its been in the garage 2 of them,looks like a serious amount of bucks to get it running,got a good deal on it but its gona be about 1,500 euro to get her up and running,new back box,front pipes and possibly an ecu ....what a load of cock !Anyway the reason I was e mailing you,(oh cool site buy the way) was that the drivers side mirror is busted on mine,will any mirror do ie out of the 156 etc..its just I need a mirror and after seeing the prices (40 euro for wiper blades)was wondering if you come across any mirrors on your travel could you gimme a bell...I dont need the casing,just the inside mirror,I will get a few photos and send them to you,have to admit she is a shit cool car to lok at,a serious sky blue ,unusual for the 145's ,anyway,I am in Ireland,just ouside dublin and wont be back at my pc for 4 days or so,the joys of working shift....If you aint too bored sure you can drop me a mail ,




I surfed along to your site and am interested in obtaining more information on your Technical and Parts Manuals on CD-ROM.

Also, my 145 cloverleaf, a 1997 car with 60000miles is suffering from rough running and i would welcome any suggestions from you. It suffers with rising and falling revs at about 2000rpm making driving quite jerky, it also does not deliver the power smoothly (feels a bit under-powered, although may be my imagination!) and has another distinct step in the power delivery at 4500rpm. An Alfa Romeo dealership has had it on the diagnostics which indicated a faulty air-flow meter, which has been replaced giving no improvement. I have since replaced HT leads and checked spark plugs (which were new 1yr ago) and that has not cured it. Alfa Romeo have had it back on the diagnostics and it reports no fault, although they have suggested the lambda sensor is getting "lazy". I'm not convinced replacing that would help as my understanding is when they fail i would expect the engine to always run rich and use a lot more fuel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards

Tim Cowlam

Good Afternoon,

I am preparing also a site on the Alfa Romeo in general and the 145Q in particular.

I wanted to ask you if you mind if I use some of the information you have on your website.

I will very soon get a technical manual on that car but it is going to be in French. I plan to scan it. If you wish I can send it to you.

In any case I welcome if you wish to share any information on that great car.

Best Regards,

Alex Villiotis


I have an Alfa romeo 145 1.8TS R Reg, and I am looking to do it up. I have found your web very good.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards


Hi there Mate

Thanks for the useful tips. I am interested in obtaining a workshop manual for the 145. Any suggestions as to how I can get my hands on the cd/hardcopy etc.

Keep the site going


Johannesburg, South Africa

hi my name is kerstien and im from malta.

i just bought a 1.6 boxer 145 and im loking for a set of second hand alloys. i saw the pics of your car and its great.

do u know where i can get a set of 15" alloys?

thanks for making a great site


Hi Adam, I am Andrew from Malaysia. I'm thinking of buying a 145 cloverleaf. So was hoping if you can let me know your personal experiences on the car. Is it reliable as an everyday car? I will be getting it 2nd hand a 97 model, so it is 6 years old but the mileage is low that's why I am interested in it.

I have both good and bad reports on it but rarely any from 145 owners themselves, because it is so rare over here. The other problem is the weather I am's humid and hot in sunny malaysia, so I think a continental car doesn't behave as well in our local environment. Would really appreciate some feed back from you.

I am also a classic car fan, I already own a Mk1 mini minor. I have restored it as best as I could, unfortunately don't have the moolah to get it to concourse standard. But I do drive it nearly everyday, but again, it's not a practical daily car, hence my interest in getting the alfa romeo .

Hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Adam

Good to see your site. I've very recently bought an 'N' Reg 145 QV 2.0TS with 102,000 miles and clean Alfa Romeo Red bodywork.

Love it of course, but like yours, it has quirky electrics. The airbag light is on all the time; the speakers on the left hand side cut out intermittently until the car has fully warmed up, the heater is next to useless and the wipers have a mind of their own. In fact, they are poltergeist wipers. They sometimes fail to stop when you turn the switch to off. You may even have to turn the ignition off, or put the car in reverse to stop them (difficult when driving down the motorway). Other times the wipers start up on their own while the switch is in the off position. Intermittent wipe is strange on mine too - with a very slow down sweep. The number and speed of wipes when on intermittent seems entirely independent of how you set the control dial - in fact it appears to be completely random at all settings (you might get 1 sweep, 2 sweeps, 3 sweeps or even 30minutes constant fast sweeping.....). Annoying, but bearable (just).

Given that you've mentioned that Alfa Romeo consider the airbag light an urgent item, I'm going to have to get it looked at. Glad it's still under warranty....


Martin Joynes

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